Daffodils, Thunderstorms, Allergies, The Hiders

Yes landlubbers, spring has sprung. The Hiders must admit we spent this winter hibernating. The entrance to our cave at times was quite literally frozen shut. The crew kept busy with The Sweep ( who just released a vinyl lp on Feedbands on beautiful bowling ball blue and features many Hiders providing the proverbial butter filling the tracks of the less proverbial english muffin that is music ) The Perfect Children ( who are set to release an album recorded by "grammy award winning Brian Olive" or Gawbo for short ) A debut release by Liquid Hologram , and upcoming from new band The Stealth Pastille ( sprung from our cave ) and yes, we began 2014 on the coldest day in recent history in a cabin in Red River Gorge recording basic track for our upcoming 5th album ( still in the works ) Check the Docket, we are adding more shows as we head toward Summer! 

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