New LP Available Now


Eight new songs available on your preferred streaming platform, Hi-Res downoads at thehiders.bandcamp.com


Our new LP 'Forever At The End' will be available very soon. Eight new songs recorded at our home studio, The Belfry. More details coming very soon!  Check our 'Docket' page for details on our next show on July 23rd. We will have CDs available with custom made 3D art by the legendary, Doc Galahan as well as limited edition art prints and more....


 Inspired by our long time friend Jeremy Pittman ( who has been recording with The Hiders these days ) we tracked a new version of 'The Fate of Earl Mann' from the 'Four Letter Town' LP in our home studio specifically for fundraising use. We chose local homeless advocates Maslow's Army to support. They are a small but passionate group helping our communities homeless in a very real and direct way. You can listen, download, and donate here ... 

  1. https://www.playitforward.com/projects/262

Hiders Unreleased Tracks 

Available for download now at https://thehiders.bandcamp.com/

‘Garbage Day’ : Leftovers, orphans, lost causes, and guilty remnants.

     ‘Garbage Day’ is collection of demos, outtakes, and leftovers performed and recorded by various incarnations of The Hiders from 2004 to 2010. Some of the tracks pre-date The Hiders’ first release ‘Valentine’ from ( 2006 ) and lead up to the release of our third album ‘Four Letter Town’ ( 2010 ).  

     A very talented cast and crew have all walked through the…

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Euxine ' I Dreamed I Couldn't Sleep ' 

A new collection of Billy Alletzhauser's solo/home recording work has been released.

Some of the more meditative/experimental elements of The Hiders come into play here. Best just to listen yourself.




Our sixth full-length 'Unsheltered Storm' is complete. 

It's been about two years in the making but Our sixth full-length 'Unsheltered Storm' is complete.

We recruited guitarist John Ford and reunited with our original drummer Todd Drake for this one. Recorded in the Batcave , our new HQ The Belfry as well as our keys guy Mr.Kevin Carlisle's home studio and the "Hikers Lodge" in Gatlinburg, Tn. 

10 songs and about 58 minutes in all. 

Still making plans for a release event so please stay tuned.

Find us on Instagram and Facebook as well for quick updates. 

Hiders sixth LP in the works. 

In October we began recording basic tracks for what will be our sixth full length album. We recently reunited with our original drummer , Todd Drake and added a second guitarist, John Ford. Tracking is going swimmingly thus far. At this point all the recording has been done in our home studio 'batcave'.

Hoping for a spring release. More soon!

::New LP 'Totem' Available now:: 

We're happy to announce our new LP 'Totem' is up and running. Recorded in a cabin in Red River Gorge , Kentucky Totem represents a year of performing and writing new material. Our fifth release, we're extra proud to announce that Totem is available on 150gram vinyl, which includes a download code with extended song versions and a PDF lyric book with extra content.

For Vinyl


For CD & MP3


Also available at iTunes, Band Camp…

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New Years day 2014 was a record cold day reaching below zero as I remember it, this was the day The Hiders threw all our gear and recording equipment in our van , Ole' Blue and headed to a secluded cabin in Red River Gorge Kentucky to record our fifth lp TOTEM. We spent the next few months polishing and mixing it with the help of Steve Wethington and some dear to our hearts friends and musicians ( and honorary Hiders ) Sylvia Mitchell and David Gilligan. It's finally done and we are quite proud of our…

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Daffodils, Thunderstorms, Allergies, The Hiders 

Yes landlubbers, spring has sprung. The Hiders must admit we spent this winter hibernating. The entrance to our cave at times was quite literally frozen shut. The crew kept busy with The Sweep ( who just released a vinyl lp on Feedbands on beautiful bowling ball blue and features many Hiders providing the proverbial butter filling the tracks of the less proverbial english muffin that is music ) The Perfect Children ( who are set to release an album recorded by "grammy award winning Brian Olive" or Gawbo…

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Thanksgiving Eve at The Northside Tavern: NOV 27 

    Well landlubbers, the end of another year is nigh. The Hiders will be celebrating our last show of the year November 27th at The Northside Tavern. We'll be joined by an old friend and ex-patriot Kris Brown , back from Austin Tx. starting at 10PM The Hiders will play 10:30-12:00 and then the on-location after party begins with DJ Puck Dunaway from Girls&Boys. This is a free event

    We have had a great year. It began gigging in support of Temenos. It reached it's climax in the dog days of Summer…

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::TEMENOS Record Release Scheduled:: 

Well landlubbers, we have set a date to come ashore. We will be hosting our record release party at The Hoffner Lodge 4120 Hamilton Ave.in Northside Saturday December 15th. Music is planned to start at 10pm and if there are no more hurricanes our CDs should be on deck. We plan to perform 'Temenos' front to back and if anyone is left standing we'll do an encore set of classics. This has been a long journey for us and we hope you can come celebrate with us! The Hoffner Lodge is an old Masonic lodge and is a…

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Hiders members on new album by The Sweep 

Check out the new 10 song lp by The Sweep Featuring 5/6 of the current working Hider line-up( and even honorary auxiliary Hider Sylvia Mitchell, fronted by singer Nic Powers.


from Citybeat "...The 10 tracks on  'lll' are all so strong, it’s hard to pick out just a few highlights. Not that singular tracks don’t stand on their own, but it’s an album that rewards several start-to-finish listens with sonic surprises and supple catchiness awaiting the listener around every twist and…

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