Unsheltered Storm

The Hiders

"Luck in a bottle and coffin varnish years. Moody proud confessions under the blossoming cherry trees. Trips to writers' graves and turning and burning in the rays of the last setting sun. Classic rock, soul, and alt-country from the heartland."

The Hiders’ sound is a unique brand of roots Rock that’s sometimes spacious and ethereal and sometimes relatively straightforward, but almost always transcendent. There is a soulfulness to the songs that is hard to describe, but that’s part of The Hiders’ magic. There is a vibe that just works and sticks with you like a haunting memory after just one listen. When Harris and Alletzhauser’s voices meld together on choruses, for example, they often cause goosebumps. Great songwriting with equally great, emotive performances. There are rootsy elements to The Hiders’ sound, but labeling them “Alt Country” or “Roots Rock” never feels right. Like avowed influence Mark Linkous, Alletzhauser is one of those rare songwriters whose work transcends easy genre specification and magically takes the listener somewhere that feels familiar without resorting to retro-minded clichés. Each song has a hypnotic quality and is loaded with exquisite soulfulness. Songs gracefully melts into the next, buoyed by the band’s distinctive, slow-burning sway. Alletzhauser’s vocals and melodies (punctuated by the fabulous harmonies of singer Beth Harris) recall Neil Young and My Morning Jacket, but, while fans of both would certainly fall in love at first listen with The Hiders, over the course of six albums, the group has found and strengthened its own unique identity.

In a word, The Hiders are timeless.


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