New Years day 2014 was a record cold day reaching below zero as I remember it, this was the day The Hiders threw all our gear and recording equipment in our van , Ole' Blue and headed to a secluded cabin in Red River Gorge Kentucky to record our fifth lp TOTEM. We spent the next few months polishing and mixing it with the help of Steve Wethington and some dear to our hearts friends and musicians ( and honorary Hiders ) Sylvia Mitchell and David Gilligan. It's finally done and we are quite proud of our 9-song effort, TOTEM due for release this November. We're also excited to announce that this is our first limited edition vinyl release. ( ordering info etc. TBA ) We went to great lengths to make sure it's up to 'audiophile' standards so we reached out to some top notch folks for mastering and cutting so vinyl lovers get ready. Cd's , iTunes all that coming soon too.

The title Totem refers to familial quality The Hiders have taken on solidifying our line-up the last few years and this recording contains all the blood, sweat and tears we've experienced together as a band and in sharing our lives with each other. We can't wait to share it now with anyone willing to listen!

~Yr ever faithful CaptainĀ 

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