Hiders Unreleased Tracks

Available for download now at https://thehiders.bandcamp.com/

Garbage Day’ : Leftovers, orphans, lost causes, and guilty remnants.

     ‘Garbage Day’ is collection of demos, outtakes, and leftovers performed and recorded by various incarnations of The Hiders from 2004 to 2010. Some of the tracks pre-date The Hiders’ first release ‘Valentine’ from ( 2006 ) and lead up to the release of our third album ‘Four Letter Town’ ( 2010 ).  

     A very talented cast and crew have all walked through the swinging doors into ‘Hidertowne’ and have all had great careers before, during, and after. To name a few , original co-vocalist Lisa Walker went on to form Wussy . Tyler Ramsey would eventually spend several years with Band of Horses .  John Curley and Michael Horrigan were and are members of the legendary Afghan Whigs . Brad Meinerding and Ric Hordinski are both well known and respected as musicians but also for their work with Over The Rhine . Sylvia Mitchell , aside from sitting in with a list of bands too long to mention plays viola with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. World famous session musician Fats Kaplin makes an appearance here. And then theirs Beth Harris , the longest standing Hider member , most recently seen making a name for herself out in the world singing with Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless Bastards.
A special mention of Jerry Hedge, a great talent and personality who sadly passed recently and left a great void in our Cincinnati music scene.

    There’s much more gold to be mined from over fifteen years of gigging and recording and much more to come but in the meantime, please enjoy this collection.

~ Billy

Euxine ' I Dreamed I Couldn't Sleep '

A new collection of Billy Alletzhauser's solo/home recording work has been released.


Our sixth full-length 'Unsheltered Storm' is complete.

It's been about two years in the making but Our sixth full-length 'Unsheltered Storm' is complete.

We recruited guitarist John Ford and reunited with our original drummer Todd Drake for this one. Recorded in the Batcave , our new HQ The Belfry as well as our keys guy Mr.Kevin Carlisle's home studio and the "Hikers Lodge" in Gatlinburg, Tn. 

10 songs and about 58 minutes in all. 

Still making plans for a release event so please stay tuned.

Find us on Instagram and Facebook as well for quick updates. 

Hiders sixth LP in the works.

In October we began recording basic tracks for what will be our sixth full length album. We recently reunited with our original drummer , Todd Drake and added a second guitarist, John Ford. Tracking is going swimmingly thus far. At this point all the recording has been done in our home studio 'batcave'.

Hoping for a spring release. More soon!

::New LP 'Totem' Available now::

We're happy to announce our new LP 'Totem' is up and running. Recorded in a cabin in Red River Gorge , Kentucky Totem represents a year of performing and writing new material. Our fifth release, we're extra proud to announce that Totem is available on 150gram vinyl, which includes a download code with extended song versions and a PDF lyric book with extra content.

For Vinyl


For CD & MP3




If you're in the Cincinnati area check The Listing Loon, Black Plastic, Shake-it & Everybody's Records or Rock,Paper,Scissors.

'Like' us on Facebook for extra content like pics, videos ... never what we had for dinner.


New Years day 2014 was a record cold day reaching below zero as I remember it, this was the day The Hiders threw all our gear and recording equipment in our van , Ole' Blue and headed to a secluded cabin in Red River Gorge Kentucky to record our fifth lp TOTEM. We spent the next few months polishing and mixing it with the help of Steve Wethington and some dear to our hearts friends and musicians ( and honorary Hiders ) Sylvia Mitchell and David Gilligan. It's finally done and we are quite proud of our 9-song effort, TOTEM due for release this November. We're also excited to announce that this is our first limited edition vinyl release. ( ordering info etc. TBA ) We went to great lengths to make sure it's up to 'audiophile' standards so we reached out to some top notch folks for mastering and cutting so vinyl lovers get ready. Cd's , iTunes all that coming soon too.

The title Totem refers to familial quality The Hiders have taken on solidifying our line-up the last few years and this recording contains all the blood, sweat and tears we've experienced together as a band and in sharing our lives with each other. We can't wait to share it now with anyone willing to listen!

~Yr ever faithful Captain 

Daffodils, Thunderstorms, Allergies, The Hiders

Yes landlubbers, spring has sprung. The Hiders must admit we spent this winter hibernating. The entrance to our cave at times was quite literally frozen shut. The crew kept busy with The Sweep ( who just released a vinyl lp on Feedbands on beautiful bowling ball blue and features many Hiders providing the proverbial butter filling the tracks of the less proverbial english muffin that is music ) The Perfect Children ( who are set to release an album recorded by "grammy award winning Brian Olive" or Gawbo for short ) A debut release by Liquid Hologram , and upcoming from new band The Stealth Pastille ( sprung from our cave ) and yes, we began 2014 on the coldest day in recent history in a cabin in Red River Gorge recording basic track for our upcoming 5th album ( still in the works ) Check the Docket, we are adding more shows as we head toward Summer! 

Thanksgiving Eve at The Northside Tavern: NOV 27

    Well landlubbers, the end of another year is nigh. The Hiders will be celebrating our last show of the year November 27th at The Northside Tavern. We'll be joined by an old friend and ex-patriot Kris Brown , back from Austin Tx. starting at 10PM The Hiders will play 10:30-12:00 and then the on-location after party begins with DJ Puck Dunaway from Girls&Boys. This is a free event

    We have had a great year. It began gigging in support of Temenos. It reached it's climax in the dog days of Summer Playing festivals like Bunbury and Nelsonville. We logged in hundreds of hours of rehearsal and writing time in preparation and anticipation of a new ( our fifth ) record which we begin tracking at an un-disclosed location straight away in 2014.

Come for the salt, stay for the affection....


::TEMENOS Record Release Scheduled::

Well landlubbers, we have set a date to come ashore. We will be hosting our record release party at The Hoffner Lodge 4120 Hamilton Ave.in Northside Saturday December 15th. Music is planned to start at 10pm and if there are no more hurricanes our CDs should be on deck. We plan to perform 'Temenos' front to back and if anyone is left standing we'll do an encore set of classics. This has been a long journey for us and we hope you can come celebrate with us! The Hoffner Lodge is an old Masonic lodge and is a BYOB event, it sets directly above The Listing Loon where Delia P. herself sells a fine assortment of Wines & Ales brought from our journeys across the ports of the globe; check the beach for more messages in a bottle soon....

Hiders members on new album by The Sweep

Check out the new 10 song lp by The Sweep Featuring 5/6 of the current working Hider line-up( and even honorary auxiliary Hider Sylvia Mitchell, fronted by singer Nic Powers.


from Citybeat "...The 10 tracks on  'lll' are all so strong, it’s hard to pick out just a few highlights. Not that singular tracks don’t stand on their own, but it’s an album that rewards several start-to-finish listens with sonic surprises and supple catchiness awaiting the listener around every twist and bend. The Sweep’s third full-length stands up well against other likeminded national releases this year and is easily one of the best Cincinnati-spawned albums of 2011. "


The Fate of Earl Mann:Live from the Batcave

New local article about the new record


New album on itunes

if itunes is yr thing, here's the link



'Four Letter Town' Available online

The Hiders: Four Letter Town

NOV.6 @ MOTR Pub

First copies of our new CD 'Four Letter Town' will be sold Saturday Nov.6 at MOTR pub ( 1345 Main Street )

Show starts at 9:30 PM and we'll be playing on into the night. Admission is free. For our out of town friends, keep an eye out here, the music will be available in it's various ways online etc soon, soon, soon


We're a late addition to MPMF 2010 opening for a personal favorite RICHARD BUCKNER! 9/23/10 info here http://www.mpmf.com/schedule

Four Letter Town

Un-official release date for a new record is September. Working title 'Four Letter Town'. We have about 17 songs recorded, though we may slim it down. More to come....

Herzog unveiling:

The marker for the studio will be unveiled in linear conjunction with the CEAs this weekend. We added a couple of tracks from our set at the tribute show here for download!

The Hiders/Version 4.0

More fresh meat for The Hiders. Version 4.0 brings in our friends Glen May ( former bassist for pictureshow and current member of The Sweep ) on 2nd guitar and Kevin Carlisle ( DJ/DV80s ) on keys & samples. This new version is working out so well we're booking more shows again and prepping to bring this set-up into the studio early Fall. A new album should be ready by early Winter.

the beards are whispering

Hiders are coming out of hiding for some summer shows including The Whispering Beards Folk Fest http://www.whisperingbeard.com/ look into it...camp out! check the caledar for details and more gigs!

Hiders on Facebook

Keepin' up with times. become a facebook fan? I posted some unreleased material to salt the pot. Get while the gettin's good. here's the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hiders/60608494740?ref=ts

Hibernation mode?

The Hiders are hibernating but in a productive way. The BatCave is a great place to stay in the winter. Pre-production and work for a third album is underway. I'm also busy working on some other music endeavors. A follow up record by The Sweep is WELL underway, exclusively tracked in the BatCave, a full length by Cash Flagg and a new release re-uniting me and Ali Edwards ( Ruby Vileos ) If you are waiting for a gig, be patient, it may be awhile. ~Billy

this and that but mostly the other

iTUNES is up, but we're saving the bonus material a bit longer. here's the link http://www.itunes.com/TheHiders/PennyHarvestField if you already have the record maybe you could stop by the page and write a review. Also, come on out to the Northside tavern Halloween. The Hiders play at 10PM and have plenty of tricks & treats for you.


Check our calendar for some november tour dates. NYC,Pitts,Cbus. Live on air at Pittsburghs WYEP and a taping for NPRs World Cafe'! anyone waiting for iTunes. release date slated for 10/28. we've included some bonus material, some old some new

itunes coming soon

still getting into the itunes machine. for people who prefer the digital purchase we are making it worth the wait by adding 3 bonus tracks that will be itunes exclusives! we'll keep you posted.

new album available at CDBABY

Buy the CD
THE HIDERS: Penny Harvest Field
click to order

Buying the new record online

You can buy online exclusively from SHAKE IT RECORDS here... http://www.shakeitrecords.com/Shakeit-album.php/id=618/

new CD - glitch

there is a small glitch in our first batch of CDs. a handful of them don't play properly in certain CD players. if you have a problem we'll replace it. email addaboygirl@yahoo.com


Friday MAY 9th SOUTHGATE HOUSE 9PM new CDS will be available in Cincy stores soon and on CDBABY... in the meantime, check www.myspace.com/thehiders to listen to some new songs

NEW Album

Our new Album 'Penny Harvest Field' is complete! Release date May9th @the SouthgateHouse http://www.southgatehouse.com more info soon....

'Valentine' temporarily out of stock

'Valentine' will be out of stock for a minute but if you do the digital thing the itunes link is http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playListId=152420385 also available through snocap at myspace.com/thehiders


The Hiders are finally getting back into the studio. Returning to Nashville to work with Brad Jones again in February. Look for a new CD and release show soon after!

Sound & Visionnati " What You See is What You Hear "

I wanted to let people know about " Sound & Visionnati " a compilation CD I just helped produce. It is to benefit Visionaries and Voices, a non- profit organization that works with artists with disabilities. The project involved Cincinnati area musicians picking an art piece by a V&V artist and had them compose and record an original song. It turned out great! Contributing artists include myself, Kim Taylor, The Sweep, Ric Hordinski, Wolverton Brothers, Wil Cope, Iswhat?! and more.... Check it out at www.myspace.com/soundvisionati CD release at shake it records 6PM Aug24th

Cincinnati Magazine Article posted

Now that the merry month of may has passed I am allowed to post our Cincinnati Magazine article ..check it out in the press/reviews section WAAAY down there


well, the rotating cast of characters continues spinning. Victor Strunk our bassist from the early days has resigned his Bass duties for the time being to focus on his work with Visionaries & Voices and his art. Stepping in , fresh from Detroit rock city ( minus the shag and white belt )is Michael Horrigan. Quite the accomplished multi-instrumentalist Michael has played with the likes of The Love Cowboys, Throneberry, Afghan Whigs, Howlin' Maggie, Twilight Singers and most recently Brendan Benson. Also, Toby Ellis is on a sojourn as fatherhood approaches. Brad Meiderding is playing guitar and whatever else he can get his hands on. You can catch him here and there in various jams about town with folks like Ma Crow and The Comet Bluegrass Allstars. Their first gig will be FRIDAY MAY 11 @ the Northside Tavern

Tunes&BloomsZOO SHOW

because of the rain this show has been moved to the Safari Lounge, an indoor venue within the ZOO compound.

Hiding & Seeking

Theres an article by Brent Donaldson in the May2007 issue of Cincinnati Magazine about The Hiders. http://www.cincinnatimagazine.com ( as i write this the website hasn't switched to the May issue yet )

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